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The Pom Pom Projekt is an interactive, fiber arts workshop experience designed to immerse customers in the wonder of tactile color.  Participants have the option to produce pom poms in sizes ranging from a grape to a beanbag chair.  Our purpose-built pom looms can be mesmerizing, hypnotic and meditative, or they can be fun, energizing and chaotic depending on your state of mind.  Truly offering something for everyone, this workshop can engage the most energetic 2nd grader to the most sarcastic teenager to the grumpiest curmudgeon, and build a cohesive team out of any random group of strangers.  


Workshops will soon be offered at our new Moss Landing, CA location opening in Summer of 2019! 


Stay tuned for more information on when and how to book these special events for birthday parties and small gatherings of friends looking for fun!

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The Pom Pom Projekt started as a community based fiber arts project at a local school fair, and it continues to grow and evolve.  Lucky for us, it turns out pompoms have mass appeal allowing us to keep looming away.  Many, many people agree with the life philosophy that the more pom poms in the world, the more fun.  And these giant pom poms are particularly fun inspiring.  


PPP harbors the ambitious goal of bringing joy to every girl and boy!  But we will settle for making as many people as we can laugh with glee.  So far, we haven't found much that is more fun than giant rainbow pom poms.  (Now if we could make colorful taffy balls as big as the poufs...?)

Thank you for participating in the Pom Pom Projekt!



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