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Often, I don't get past the bedroom door because I am just so dang snuggly.  I like to lie in wait for a passing friend to nestle into me with a good book and a sack of salt water taffy.  I'll never tell anybody how many we eat! 

Dreamy Rainbow Pom Pom Pouf

SKU: 2039
  • 100% Acrylic


    Like any good pet, this pom pom will naturally shed.  It also likes to be handled with care.  It does not like to be slammed against a wall or drop kicked across a room.  It feels adversely toward spin cycles and cannot be washed in a machine.  Dogs, cats, tortoises and other curious pets may be enthralled, but are ultimately hazardous to its health.


    Not intended for children under 3.  Not intended for play near heat or fire (flammable material). 

  • Because of the custom nature of this item, refunds or exchanges are not accepted.  If there is a manufacturing defect with your pom pom, please return it within 14 days and we will be happy to repair or replace it. We are obsessive about our product and only want to send out the best giant pom poms in the world!   

    xxoo 💕 laura & julie

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