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Please contact us with your ideas for custom pom poms!  We are happy to create your dream pom pom, or pom pom twins and triplets if you love big families. 


Once you decide on your size and colors, we will send you a sample color palate like the ones above as well as make a teeny scale pom pom for you to see an example of your pom to ensure you love your choice.  These pom poms can be made in ten or twenty skein sizes depending on whether uoi would like an accent pillow or a pouf. 


While we LOVE to give our opinions on design, the colors absolutely depend on you!  There are some colors listed, but these are by no means all that exist in the world, only what we tend to have on hand.  We can aquire whatever color combinations you can dream up. 


All pom poms arrive prepared with a repertoire of meaningful compliments, jars of happy dreams to dispense and are fully potty trained.  Custom pompoms take 2-3 weeks for arrival depending on the colors we have in stock.


SKU: 1000
  • 100% Acrylic


    Like any good pet, this pom pom will naturally shed.  It also likes to be handled with care.  It does not like to be slammed against a wall or drop kicked across a room.  It feels adversely toward spin cycles and cannot be washed in a machine.  Dogs, cats, tortoises and other curious pets may be enthralled, but are ultimately hazardous to its health. 


    Not intended for children under 3.  Not intended for play near heat or fire (flammable material). 


  • Because of the custom nature of this item, refunds or exchanges are not accepted.  If there is a manufacturing defect with your pom pom, please return it within 14 days and we will be happy to repair or replace it. We are obsessive about our product and only want to send out the best giant pom poms in the world!   

    xxoo 💕 laura & julie

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