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The Pom Pom Projekt is an interactive, fiber arts workshop experience designed to immerse customers in the wonder of tactile color.  Participants have the option to produce pom poms in sizes ranging from a grape to a beanbag chair.  Our purpose-built pom looms can be mesmerizing, hypnotic and meditative, or they can be fun, energizing and chaotic depending on your state of mind.  Truly offering something for everyone, this workshop can engage the most energetic 1st grader to the most sarcastic teenager to the grumpiest curmudgeon, and build a cohesive team out of any random group of strangers.  


Workshop prices are per participant and depend on the size of the poms you want to make.  Workshops are currently only offered in the state of California and require a minimum of 20 participants.  

Please email for more details if you would like to host a workshop at your location.


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